Mark Fonteijn


During my Agility career i use my experience of my work life to get the best out of my students and making them reach the impossible for them. I teach the positive way with different rewarding methods.
My priority in Agility is to have fun,  but I can also be very competitive when necessary. When I compete with my dog, I want to get the best out of it, but not at any cost. My dogs health stands prior to anything else, physical health aswell as mental health.
Whether I am on the course or one of my students or friends, I always try to comment the positive.
I competed on a lot of national and international courses.


I judge since 2013 and i try to get the best out of every team by building fluent courses with a lot of speed. It is important to me that the dog has any independance and the handler keeps in motion.
The difficulty of the course must be felt by the handler but be easy on the dog. I like to challenge the teams by giving them many choices on my courses.
My ambition has always been to judge the big FCI competitions. I am one of the judges privilegded to judge the European Open in 2019 which makes me extremely proud.